The Heart and the Hands of Hospitality


BEING A STRANGER It’s an uncomfortable feeling being a stranger in a strange land. It can be daunting not knowing the people, the customs, or even the language. But what […]

Make Every Effort

group of christians gathered

One Important Thing One important thing I have observed on the mission-field, and have always been impressed with, is just how important Christian fellowship and family can be, especially in […]

Using Your Platform

Your platform

On Purpose. Houston Texan’s starting (rookie) quarterback, C. J. Stroud, said, “Jesus laid His life on the cross for us. I really believe that. This is bigger than just football. […]

To God Be the Glory!

you are noticed

Looking Forward So, we have begun a new year. It’s still kind of hard to believe that 2024 is here. I sure hope (and pray, pray, pray) that 2024 will […]

We Forget and We Remember

we remember

Miserable Conditions I would like to remind you of story I shared several years ago about a missionary held hostage in a foreign land and imprisoned under miserable conditions for […]

Cookie Cutters in Every Shape

Thank You! Pam and I wanted to thank our Baker Heights family for the encouraging cards and the holiday treats we received in the past weeks. You all are so […]

Christmas is here!

Baker Heights Christmas

Well, tomorrow is the day! Little children will be unwrapping gifts and parents will be preparing extravagant meals. It is so hard to imagine how many things have been purchased […]


Baker Heights feeding and being fed

The following is a fictional story I shared a few years ago, but I thought it was a good reminder for this time of year. A man who had just […]


Baker Heights church christ unopened gift

There it sits up on the very top shelf. Yes, it’s that gift that you received last Christmas. It’s well wrapped in glossy red paper and the bow is white […]

But I was right!

being Christlike

This probably sounds like heresy. Maybe it is. But the sad reality of our broken world is that being right isn’t nearly as helpful as we may think.

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