Love, the Most Important Thing


Our family at Baker Heights is a very special group of people. We tell people proudly that we are the friendliest church in Abilene, but we are more than friendly. We are a church that strives to meet the needs of others, especially those who are members of our church family. Whenever opportunity arises to meet a need, our family eagerly tries to help. 



We do this because we are striving to follow God’s most important teaching. The lesson he wants us to learn here on earth is how and when to love! In Matt. 22:37-39, Jesus points out that we should love God with all our heart and secondly, we should love our neighbor as ourselves. When we love we are most like God because God is love. Loving God should not be just a part of our lives but should be the most important part! 



The second purpose in our life is called fellowship. Jesus tells us in John 13:34-35, that our love for each other is the greatest witness for Jesus to the world. We must remember that no matter what we say, what we believe, and what we do, we are bankrupt without love.  (I Cor. 13:3.)
The best use of our lives is to love. We must remember that in the end God will evaluate each of us on our love for Him and each other, (Matt. 25:37-40). Jesus summarizes what’s important to God: Love Him and love people! Therefore, take time to love the people around you because the best time to love is now!

(Some thoughts were taken from the book The Purpose Driven Life)

Ed Cowart - Baker Heights Elder
Ed Cowart
Baker Heights Elder

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