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How can we help you?

As we ask how we can help you, let us start by sharing a little bit about us. We hope you can see yourself here.


We recognize that every person is in a different place in life. Some people feel like they don’t know God, or maybe are not even sure God exists.


Other people are hurting for various reasons. Some are in a bad situation. Others want to become better people. And still others are carrying burdens like the guilt of sin, the pain of sorrow, or the depression that comes with loneliness.


Finally, there are some who are trying so hard to raise their children to know right and do right. But the culture is so strong. It makes the task of parenting more difficult.


We understand. Because those people that we described above, they are us. We all became Christians because we’ve had the same struggles and doubts that you have. We, like you, are just people seeking God and the faith, hope, and love that comes through Him. We invite you to find them here with us.

Who is Baker Heights?

Baker Heights is made up of a group of people who:

  • Want to grow closer to God
  • Want to raise our children to know God, have values and morals
  • Want to become better people
  • Need godly help in times of trouble
  • Seek spiritual comfort in times of sorrow
  • Want to be a part of a loving community of faith


We hope you can see yourself as one of us at Baker Heights.


Resources to Serve You

In Person Resources for Spiritual Needs

Resources for Physical Needs

  • Food Pantry
  • Transportation Assistance

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How can we help You?

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How Can We Help You?

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