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Houston Texan’s starting (rookie) quarterback, C. J. Stroud, said, “Jesus laid His life on the cross for us. I really believe that. This is bigger than just football. Football is my platform. Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ is my purpose.”
Wow! What a great statement by this young man. Can you imagine the number of people he can reach through this platform? Now I know that most of us will never play football or any other professional sport like this, however, we all have our very own platform. It does not matter where we are or what we do.


Wherever we find ourselves can and should be a mission field. I think that one-on-one evangelism may be more effective than speaking into a television camera to people who never get to know you or see Christ in you.

I am sure that the people coming into contact with Mr. Stroud on a personal level see his commitment to Christ every day. I don’t think I have ever seen him speak that he isn’t giving God the glory for what has happened in his life, but can you imagine the numbers of people that could be reached if Christians around the world are living their lives this way. Using their platform to reach others. Let’s all strive to use Mr. Stroud as an example. Better yet, LET US STRIVE TO USE CHRIST AS OUR EXAMPLE.

Stuart Tiner - Baker Heights Elder
Stuart Tiner
Baker Heights Elder
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