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We pulled in from our annual youth group trip to Big Bend only to find a small puddle of oil underneath our van. It wasn’t a huge puddle, but it was enough to cause a little concern and need for farther investigation. As cars get older, they require more and more maintenance. As gaskets and seals age, you have to replace them or stay up on oil and coolant. Old or new, failure to maintain your car will result in breaking down and/or costly repairs. In fact, in your vehicle manual there is a schedule that tells you how often they recommend sustain maintenance. The cost of an oil change is a lot cheaper than the cost of a new engine. 


The same is true for our spiritual life. If we don’t maintain it, you will find yourself broken down and in need of repair. We maintain our relationship with God through things like taking time each day to read the Bible, prayer, spending time in fellowship with one another, and slowing down to listen to Him. 


Whether you are talking about cars or your spiritual life a lot of people don’t bother with maintenance. With a car they wait until there is a puddle, a sound, smoke, or it just stops running before they give fluids, belts, gaskets, or filters much thought. With our spiritual life we wait until there is a problem, crisis, or falling away before the give much thought to prayer, scripture, or fellowship.

Most understand that maintenance is part of owning a car, at least if you want it to keep running. In same way, spiritual discipline is a prat of having a relationship with God. So let us all make sure we are doing the things need to keep the proper relationship with God.
Luke Bower - Youth and Family Minister
Luke Bower
Youth and Family Minister

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