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One important thing I have observed on the mission-field, and have always been impressed with, is just how important Christian fellowship and family can be, especially in smaller congregations.
Families, regardless of their size have problems. Personality differences and differences of opinion if left unattended, can always cause hard feelings, strife, division, and isolation. 

When a person is part of a smaller congregation, especially in an environment where Christian believers are a minority, one is aware of the value of Christian family. When problems arise between brothers and sisters, it is time to sit down and talk, to pray, and to work together on finding a solution. In this environment there are no other congregations one can run to if problems arise.

So Much to Be Thankful For

We have so much to be thankful for at Baker Heights! We have so many opportunities for fellowship, for sharing as a family and for maturity in Christ. These things are all too important not to make every effort possible to maintain them! Paul stressed in Ephesians 4:3that we should be ready to “make every effort”to keep unity and maintain peace in the body! The “unity of the Spirit”seems to indicate that the Spirit of God is the source of our unity and peace, but each of us is called on to maintain that unity and that peace to the best of our ability!Although that involves a solid commitment to unity and peace from each of us, it goes beyond that. There is a deep love and concern for one another that motivates us to this commitment.
In Romans 12 Paul stressed the importance of love in keeping our family together and functioning as a Christian family should. Romans 12:10reads: “Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.”A devoted love for each other, and a determined effort toward unity and peace will go a long way in keeping the body of Christ functioning, maturing, and reaching out to the world. How much effort are you making toward those goals?
Larry Sullivan - Preaching Minister
Larry Sullivan
Preaching Minister
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