Holidays and Grieving: Ways to Cope



The holidays are upon us. It doesn’t take much to notice all the captivating commercials and advertisements enticing us to buy, buy, and buy. Of course, for a lot of people, there is a frivolity in the air that draws us in as well. Even so, it can be an especially difficult time for people who have experienced the death of someone dear to them. It definitely is a time when the experience and feelings of loss is catapulted to a new height.

It can be hard to experience joy when one feels increased pain and sadness associated with memories of loved ones who have gone on. It  doesn’t really matter when the loss happened. Holiday grieving is a real thing and is more common than many realize.

Suggestions to Help You Cope

In the midst of this grief, one can use these timely tips or suggestions to help cope with holiday grieving.
  1. Make a plan ahead of time. Are you going to go visiting with other family members? If you have children, How are you going to include them in your holiday plans? Take notes… write your plan down.
  2. Realize Grief is Unique. How you grieve is probably different than they way anyone else grieves. That’s okay. Just remember that you are YOU and no one else, no matter what anyone tells you.
  3. Be Flexible. Be willing to bend and change plans or traditions as needed. Remember that you are uniquely YOU and no one can change that.
  4. Don’t resist the grief. It’s real and you can’t avoid it. Remember that everyone is unique and grieves in their own way.
  5. Take care of your body. Take a walk. Exercise. Ride a bike. Go bowling. The list goes on. Take care of they body that God gave you.
  6. Don’t be afraid to ask for HELP. There is no shame in this. There are support groups available. At our church, we have a monthly support group that meets every second Saturday morning. Above all, ask.
  7. HELP someone else. It’s hard to imagine, but if you take the time to help someone else, no matter who the person is or what that help may be, it really helps. It helps you take away the cloud that hangs over yourself. There are plenty of people who need some kind of help.
  8. Honor your loved one. How?
    1. Set a place at the table in their memory.
    2. Light a candle in their memory.
    3. Say a prayer over your loved one’s memory.
    4. Create a scrapbook in their memory.
    5. Make a favorite recipe in memory of your loved one.
  9. Surround yourself with those who love you.
The Holiday season is not always as merry as we want it to be. It is so normal to be apprehensive about it. You are not alone in experiencing holiday grieving. Remember that there is no right or wrong on how you approach grief in this holiday season. If you need to talk to someone or need help in any way, don’t hesitate to call us at the Baker Heights church of Christ, 325-695-0951. God bless each of you during this time of the year.



On Stages of Grief. Shock.


Charles Goodnight - Baker Heights Elder
Charles Goodnight
Baker Heights Elder
Charles Goodnight

Baker Heights Elder

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