A Treasure in a Clay Pot

Stories of Treasures

It seems that the internet has been overrun of late with short movies and stories of people who have found treasures. Sometimes they have been searching for them. Sometimes they seem just to stumble upon them. I guess I have always been fascinated by such stories. It wasn’t but a couple of months ago that I read an article in the news about a man in Kentucky who had discovered a hoard of gold coins. Altogether, there were 800 gold US coins, some of them extremely rare. They are worth millions!

Treasure Inside A Pot

With the development of new technologies, more and more treasures are being discovered! I saw one pot in a museum that had been in a fire. Whoever had hidden it had filled it with silver coins. The fire had been so hot that the coins melted together into one lump. There was really no way to retrieve the valuable treasure aside from breaking the pot.

A Different Kind of Treasure

The Apostle Paul talks about treasure of a different kind, but still a treasure that is found in clay pots; simple, cheap, common, undecorated clay pots. And yet the treasure inside is of immense value. That treasure, as we well know, it the gospel of Jesus Christ. Paul’s point being, that we are those clay pots. We are those common vessels in which should be found the priceless treasure of Jesus Christ. Many of those pots can be shaken and the treasure may be spilled out to be shared with those around us.

A Treasure in a Clay Pot

Sometimes, however, those pots must be broken before others can get to the treasure.Yes, we are those pots. They may be common and plain, but they are precious to God. They are valuable to him because they contain his precious message to the world. Are we allowing that treasure to get out to others?“We always carry around in our body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may be revealed in our body.” 2 Corinthians 4:10

Larry Sullivan - Preaching Minister
Larry Sullivan
Preaching Minister

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