Pearls of Wisdom from the Book of James

Proverbs of the New Testament

The book of James shares wisdom that provides a path to living a Christian life. This book is sometimes referred to as the “Proverbs” of the New Testament because it contains so many pearls of wisdom. Here is a list of proverbs from James I found in some of my study notes. These will provide you guidance as to how to go about living a Christian life.

Pearls of Wisdom from the Book of James

  • Trials of life bring maturity (1:2-4)
  • Perseverance brings salvation (1:12)
  • Temptations are not from God (1:13-15)
  • Every good gift is from God (1:16-18)
  • Believers must obey God’s word not just listen to it (1:24-25)
  • Be quick to listen and slow to speak (1:19-20)
  • Real faith shows itself by deeds we do (2:14-19)
  • The tongue is a powerful force & must be controlled (3:1-12)
  • Heavenly wisdom comes from God & earthly wisdom is    demonic (3:13-17)
  • Friendship toward the world is hatred toward God (4:1-6)
  • Do not boast about tomorrow (4:13-17)
  • Let your yes be yes and your no be no (5:12)
  • Saving others will cover a multitude of sins (5:20)

It is my hope that these God-given pearls of wisdom will give each one of us a path to follow in our daily life that leads to our salvation and a home with our LORD!

Ed Cowart - Baker Heights Elder
Ed Cowart

Baker Heights Elder

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