Evidence of the Deity of Christ

The Diety of Christ

How do we know that Jesus Christ is the Messiah, the Anointed One of God, the Son of God? We might simply say that the Bible tells us so and that would be true.

But I was right!

being Christlike

This probably sounds like heresy. Maybe it is. But the sad reality of our broken world is that being right isn’t nearly as helpful as we may think.

Making Space for God: Prayer

Making Space for God

What if you made space for God in your day, every day? What if you set aside prayer time, or study time, or time to sing? How would it impact your life?

Holidays and Grieving: Ways to Cope

holiday grieving

REDEEMING THE TEARS: HOLIDAY GRIEVING   The holidays are upon us. It doesn’t take much to notice all the captivating commercials and advertisements enticing us to buy, buy, and buy. […]

True Thanksgiving

True Thanksgiving

As we enter the holiday season, I thought it would be good to consider what the Bible tells us about “thanksgiving”.  As we celebrate time away from work and with […]

Entertainment for Christians

Family Entertainement

Christians are also well-aware that certain elements of pop culture have a deceptive and destructive influence. There is positive entertainment and truth that we can find out there when we discern with Godly wisdom.

Let’s ROAR! Moms Combatting Bad Ideas

Let's ROAR

We are constantly at war against bad ideas in this world. We see bad ideas on TV, on social media, in the lyrics of the music playing at our favorite restaurant, and from the mouths of people around us.

Apologist Mamas

Apologist Mamas

Apologetics can simply be defined as a defense of the Christian faith.Apologists aren’t just preachers and people with Bible degrees. Apologetics is for everyone – even mamas.

4 Ways to Teach Young Kids Money Smarts

Teaching Kids about Money

As of 2022, the average American carried $101,915 in debt, according to one Experian statistic. It is becoming more and more acceptable to carry debt, despite the crushing weight that debt holds over people.

On Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Day is just a few days away. Already, turkeys by the thousands have given their lives so that we may celebrate a day of rest, although I don’t know […]

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