Richard Bower

Richard and his wife, Jan, at Baker Heights since September 1979. They were married in 1974 and have three children: a son, Matthew, and his wife, Marty, live in Temple; a daughter, Amber Kimmel, lives in Abilene; and another son, Luke and his wife, Carrie, who also live in Abilene. (Luke serves as Youth and Family Minister at Baker Heights.) They have seven grandchildren. Richard attended North Texas State University, graduated from Ottawa University, from Abilene Christian University and from Hendrick Medical Center School for Radiography where he currently serves as the program director for Hendrick Medical Center School of Radiography. Jan and Richard together teach the Bible class for 4-year-old and Richard regularly teaches an adult Bible class. Richard plays trumpet in the Abilene Community Band.

Primary areas of oversight:

Family Game Night, Fellowship Meals, and Information Technology

What Do You Like Most About Baker Heights?

“I like Baker Heights because of its diversity. It is a place where anyone that wants to can find a way to serve God. It is a congregation of loving people that rises to meet the needs of others. It is a place where the Word of God is held in awe and Jesus reigns supreme.”

ED cowart

Ed and Dina have been members at Baker Heights for over twenty years. They have been married for 45 years. They have two children – Amanda Layland and Cy Cowart – and two grandchildren – Austin Layland and Ashlee Layland. Amanda and her husband, Mike, live in Abilene with their two children and worship at Baker Heights. Their son, Cy, lives in Corsicana, Texas with his wife, Deana.

Primary Areas of Oversight:

Adult Education, Assistance, and Fellowship.

What Do You Like Most About Baker Heights?

“The most important thing that draws us to Baker Heights is its biblical soundness. In addition, we love the family atmosphere, the size, and the diversity in our membership at Baker Heights.”

robert dennis

Robert and his wife, Suzanne, have been members at Baker Heights for 35 years. (Suzanne’s first name is Dottie, but she’ll hit you if you use it.) They’ve been married 44 years and in love for 46 years. Their son, Robert Lee (also known as “Rob”) lives in Baker City, Oregon with his wife, Abby. No grandchildren yet, but it’s in God’s hands.

Primary Areas of Oversight?

Missions, Security/Emergency Response team, Youth and Family, and the “Dodat” Shepherding Group.

What do you like most about Baker Heights?

“It’s a melting pot with lots of spice.”

charles goodnight

Charles and his wife Shelly came to Baker Heights in June 2014. They’ve been married for 38 years and are the parents of 4 adopted siblings: Dianna, Andrew, Christopher, and Leanna. They all live in the Houston area with their families. Charles is a former preaching minister, having preached for 38 years, serving churches in Brookshire, Caldwell, Seguin, and Texas City, Texas. He currently serves as Hospice Chaplain for Kindred Hospice.

Primary Area of Oversight?

Grief Support ministry, Worship ministry and Evangelism ministry.

What do you like most about Baker Heights?

“I really like the overall attitude of friendliness and desire to be all that God wants us to be. There is a real spirit of cooperation among the Baker Heights members. At this time in the history and life of the Baker Heights church— it truly is great to be a Christian!”

richard oller

Richard and Paula have been Baker Heights members since 2002. They’ve been married for 25 years and have 3 children – Rick, Caitlin, and Hannah. We also have one granddaughter, Mattie Mae.

Primary Areas of Oversight?

Administration ministry (including the staff of Baker Heights), Worship ministry and Greeting ministry

What do you like most about Baker Heights?

“Baker Heights has always been a place where we have felt part of a family. We have built relationships that have been important parts of our lives as we raised our family. Baker Heights has always been there to support and encourage us as we long as we have been a part of the congregation.

larry taylor

Maudie and I began our exciting journey in 1972. God has blessed us with a wonderful family. We enjoy spending time visiting family and traveling to new places. Except for a few years living in other cities, we’ve been members at Baker Heights since being baptized in 1974. We love the people at Baker Heights. It’s an honor and a blessing to serve as a shepherd and to work with our deacons.

Primary Areas of Oversight?

Administration, Assistance, Facilities, Missions, and Outreach

What do you like most about Baker Heights?

“I am proud of all that God has accomplished through His people at Baker Heights. Many souls have been saved through evangelism, planting new congregations, and mission projects in foreign countries. I look forward to continuing in God’s service and being a part of what he has planned for us to do on His behalf in the future.”

stuart tiner

Stuart and Tammy began worshipping at Baker Heights in 2000. They were married in 1989 and have two daughters: Sadie Rosenquist and her husband, Justin, live in Buffalo Gap with their sons, Thatcher Guy (age 4) and Sayer Zan (age 1). Sealie Tiner currently lives in Lubbock and worships at the Sunset Church of Christ.

Primary Areas of Oversight?

Greeter and Visitation Ministry, Children’s Ministry, Youth and Family Ministry and University / Young Professionals Ministry.

What do you like most about Baker Heights?

“What I like most about Baker Heights is that it is a FAMILY! A family of baptized believers doing their best to follow the example set for us by Christ. A family doing their best to be the type of church found in the New Testament.”